понедельник, 15 ноября 2010 г.

Message from Olya

Hi, last days there was no time to write anything. So today,  a small photo report for the past week.

We had a great weekend! We walked a lot! And finally bought a chocolate. Last week we were on a diet, so we really wanted to eat sweets. 
Naty bought a new coat. As for me she is very good in it. And I bought myself shoes on sale! Have long wanted them! I'm very glad this purchase.
We are very  like Christmas and New Year! Want holidays! Snow and tree!
But on the street we have a real spring! Very warm.. and beautiful. A lot of fallen leaves from trees. 

Well, perhaps all of our photos!  Xo-xo=* 
Olya and Naty! 

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  1. lovely pictures! :D
    it looks like you had fun!

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  2. you two are cute! and that chocolate looks really really tempting :P

  3. Amazing heels! :)

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